Revisiting the Aztec Temples with Aztec Bonanza by Pragmatic Play

You probably all remember those bloody rascals – the Aztecs. No matter where you stand on the Aztec question, there are certainly a lot of riches to be unearthed. Now, you may not necessarily espouse the whole human sacrifice rites, but that’s not necessary. All you need to do in Aztec Bonanza by Pragmatic Play is to fool the blood-thirsty Aztecs and hightail it with all their precious gems, gold, and various other objects of worth.

In this fantastic title, you will now get a chance to put your luck to a great test. And make no mistake, it’s through luck that you will get out of this adventure alive. The game comes with a six-row grid to accommodate the 384 base paylines. But watch out, there is a way to imbue the reels and push the winning ways all the way up to 7776. Woah!

A Game Reach in Colour and Features

Now, you are probably wondering – is Aztec Bonanza worth dying for at the hands of a rather vicious civilization? Well, thankfully we will never find out because all that you need to do on this one occasion is to make sure that you are having fun.

With a moderate to high volatility and quite the colourful theme, this game packs a nice feel to it. The soundtrack is beautiful and will make you feel like you are communing with nature. But if you don’t think so spiritual, you can just as well mute the sounds. 

The symbols themselves are beautiful – they feature a mix of gems and card symbols, all rede-signed to dovetail with the game itself. There’s a special Mystery symbol, an Aztec shaman. 

Meanwhile, the free spins are definitely a nice touch to help you really forward your cause – which is quite simple, in fact. Score a big win and make sure you get out of this wretched, if somewhat colourful temple, all in one piece! 

Aztec Bonanza Gameplay

A great upside to the game is that it comes with very straightforward gameplay that makes it soberingly easy to do anything. Not just that, but you can enjoy some pretty decent betting limits, to begin with.

Players will start at as little as €0.30 and push their way to €500. You may not be too fond of watching the big slabs with symbols encrypted falling at a regular pace, so we remind you that you can just hold down the Space button for ‘TURBO’. 

In the meantime, you can also look into the Autoplay function that will humbly offer to take the burden off your hands and spearhead the experience for you. Don’t hesitate to give it all a go! 

Last, but hardly least, there is a tumble feature that can quite quickly re-balance the entire game and introduce a few new challenges to the reels for you to enjoy in full. But why fear a new challenge when it can bring you a pretty penny?

Sure, the Aztecs aren’t very hospitable, but hey – you are here to take their gold away!