Get ready to solve the secrets of the slots in London; Rabcat has announced Sherlock of London

Sherlock of London Slot

Last week, Rabcat, which is a relatively small iGaming software company, has announced its latest game, Sherlock of London. With this game, the provider aims to bring the slot enthusiasts together in the mysterious London nights. 

Everybody knows who Sherlock Holmes is. He is a charismatic and intelligent novel character by the famous British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Also, during the last decade, it has been so popular due to having a movie series and a TV series. Moreover, evet Sherlock fans have been arguing for which one is the better Sherlock Holmes throughout the years. 

According to the iGaming experts, the provider will make a splash by the time it releases this game. 

What does the vendor promise with this game? 

Rabcat is aware of how influential a figure is Sherlock Holmes. That’s why the creative team of the company wanted to maintain an atmosphere that demonstrates the hero, properly. Moreover, Rabcat created this game with an impressive theme. Therefore, the ones who love gloomy weather of Victorian London will become addicts of this game. 

We can say that the provider did its best in order to sustain the atmosphere. With its top-notch graphics, the game stands successful. Plus, the perfect design of the symbols supports the visual quality; this way, the joy. In this sense, in addition to traditional letter symbols, the game offers unique symbols that are related to the story. 

Symbols of the game

In terms of symbols, Rabcat did not miss any special character from the stories. First of all, we have our beloved sidekick Dr.Watson alongside us. Also, Inspector Lestrade is another character that helps us to solve the crime. On the other hand, Sherlock’s mysterious lover Irene Adler and the villain of the story, James Moriarty, are pictured in the game.

In addition to those characteristic figures, the most important symbols are our her Sherlock, and the sign that shows where he lives, 221B Baker Street. When the players can get five of this symbol on a payline, they can get 40x payouts of their bet. However, they can get this payout with the symbol of Sherlock. 

Besides, collecting the right symbols will reward the gamblers with bonuses as well as giving money.


Sherlock of London offers three various bonus features, which are Double Win, Bonus Spins, and the Connecting Wilds. Plus, there is a bonus mode that gives free spins.

Whenever the players collect three of Sherlock and Watson scattered symbols, they activate the bonus mode, the free spins. As a result of that, the wilds will expand in the game and bring more winning. The best part of this is; Watson becomes the game’s second wild symbol during this mode. However, throughout this mode, the players cannot have any bonus spin. 

The Double Win feature gives an exclusive advantage of doubling the winnings when the Bonus Spins locks the wild symbols in their chamber. On the other hand, the Connecting Wild feature turns all the symbols in the trail into wild symbols.

What is Rabcat known for?

Even though Rabcat is a smaller company in comparison to developers like NetEnt, Play’n GO and Betsoft, it is one of the oldest. Since 2001, the vendor has been contributing to the iGaming community by providing contents. Today, the company runs the operations from the main office, which is located in Vienna, Austria.

The company does not only produce online casino games. Furthermore, it does not work only in the iGaming. Today, Rabcat maintains a wide range of gaming solutions as well as entertaining contents. Regarding this, the vendor has partners all around the world, at the top of the industry. For instance, the largest companies of the gaming market, such as Crytek, Disney, and Rockstar, are in partnership with Rabcat.

On the other hand, in terms of games, the provider has different kinds of casino games, including table games and sloths. Nonetheless, it mainly focuses on sloth games. Although its collection of video slots is not that wide, it is quite impressive. As a result of that, the company obtained popularity. However, at the moment, Rabcat stands out in the market for its top-notch gaming solutions, smooth gameplay, and high-quality graphics and animation.