There are a number of regulatory casino bodies which authorise and supervise online casinos and one of the most well known and respected is the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Formerly the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, the MGA was launched in 2001 with the aim of providing regulation to all gambling activities within its territory, including both land-based and online casino ventures.

The Malta Gaming Authority awards licenses to operate within the EU to online gaming companies and casinos that meet its stringent operating requirements.

The MGA has been particularly strict on fraud, money laundering and corruption, helping to create a safe, fair playing environment for players in Malta and beyond.

By implementing strict laws around how online casinos can operate and regulating the wider gaming industry by introducing rules that champion transparency, fairness and safety, the MGA has been a major force in ensuring player’s rights are protected.

How Does MGA Protect Me?

The Malta Gaming Authority currently licences thousands of online casinos and their distinctive approved logo is widely recognised as the gold standard within the industry.

The MGA works hard for players to ensure that the casinos that use their licence offer the safest playing experience possible, with fair, transparent payout ratios and clear labelling information in game.

Here are a few of the ways in which MGA casinos help protect players’ rights:

  • Promotion of responsible gaming as well as resources to help vulnerable and problem gamers
  • The strict protection of minors, all MGA casinos are vetted constantly to ensure no minors gamble
  • Strong financial stability measures ensure players’ funds are protected at all times
  • Regulations regarding safe, fast withdrawal and depositing at casinos ensures transparency
  • Regular auditing and testing of all games to meet the minimum payout threshold and ensure fairness
  • Compliance investigations to ensure all licensees adhere to regulations
  • Protection for players with a comprehensive investigation process of all player complaints
  • Full time monitoring to combat theft, fraud and money laundering activity to keep players safe

How Can I Find MGA Licenced Casinos?

You can find out whether the casino you play at is licenced by the Malta Gaming Authority by visiting the About or Legal page of their website. The majority of casinos who are regulated by the MGA will also always display the MGA logo on their site as confirmation that they offer enhanced player protection and the highest levels of security. To check all of the available MGA licenced casinos, you can also search their database here. When choosing a new online casino it is crucial that you and your funds are protected and secure, so make sure you look for the MGA logo whenever visiting a new casino for the first time.