Founded in 1999, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission licenses and regulates a wide range of eGaming, online casino and gambling sites throughout Canada and beyond. One of the best known regulatory bodies in Canada, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission adheres to a strict set of laws and regulations on online gaming in order to help protect players and help ensure that they have a safe, secure playing environment to enjoy.

The Commission’s primary aim is to ensure that online gaming and gambling activities for the businesses which it grants licences meet the highest levels of transparency, safety and responsibility. The protection of players is paramount for the Commission who help to safeguard players against fraud, identity theft and money laundering while also caring for vulnerable players.

With strict security measures in place and a strong track record of guaranteeing that casinos treat players fairly and pay winnings promptly, the Commission is trusted throughout Canada as a regulatory body of excellence.

How Does The Kahnawake Gaming Commission Protect Me?

If you play at a casino licenced within Canada or the Kahnawake district you’ll likely enjoy all of the protections afforded by the Gaming Commissions strong commitment to player safety.

With regulations governing security measures, technology requirements, payout ratios and banking facilities, all of the casinos and gaming sites licenced by the Commission offer players safe, secure gaming and complete player satisfaction.

The Commission has built a reputation for taking a no-nonsense approach to illegal gaming, money laundering and theft – putting players first to ensure their safety and security as well as protecting their funds and online identities.

Some of the criteria, rules and regulations which govern the Commission’s polices include:

  • Comprehensive protections to support vulnerable players and prevent underage gaming
  • Regulations around payout ratios to enforce a fair payout structure for players
  • Safeguarding player funds and ensuring deposits and withdrawals are subject to strict protections
  • Regular audits of casinos and software to encourage a fair gaming environment
  • The promotion of a transparent, honest reporting system that gives players confidence
  • A focus on responsible gaming and the provision of support
  • Strict anti-theft, money laundering and corruption regulations to protect both players and casinos

How can I find Kahnawake Gaming Commission approved casinos?

The Commission introduced a unique Logo Certification Program in 2010 which provides clear and distinctive confirmation for all of the Commission’s approved casinos and eGaming sites. When a player clicks on the Commission’s logo a “Certificate of Good Standing” will be generated. To check whether or not your casino is approved and licenced by the commission, check the footer of the casino website or visit their About or Legal policy.