GambleAware is an independent body dedicated to researching and understanding the issues behind problem gaming behaviour within the UK. The charity’s strategic aim is to; “broaden public understanding of gambling-related harms and to advance the cause of harm prevention and to help those that do develop problems get the support that they need quickly and effectively.”

GambleAware takes a unique view on problem gaming, preferring to regard it as a public health issue and aims to help protect the young ad vulnerable from effects of problem gaming through education, advice and research.

GambleAware provides in-depth research from comprehensive data provided by eGaming companies, online casinos and websites to identify key priority areas of concern. By understanding the reasons for problem gaming as well as the type of behaviour and harmful effects of excessive online gaming, the charity aims to provide unique insights into helping protect and support those in need.

How Can GambleAware Help Me?

GambleAware has a long history of involvement within the gaming industry and is guided by the National Responsible Gambling Strategy aimed at helping to increase public awareness and understanding of problem gaming.

Their commitment to promoting solutions that work, based on rigorous research, has helped thousands of people suffering from problem gaming. With peer-reviewed research, independent advice and treatment options available, GambleAware understands the need to provide support for the minority of gamblers who play beyond their means and are unable to gamble responsibly.

Some of the services that GambleAware provides include:

  • Independently commissioned research into problem gaming, fully peer-reviewed and audited
  • Rigorous review, analysis and research into data from gaming companies, casinos and eGambling businesses
  • BeGambleAware website provides hotline, support and treatment options as well as education
  • National Gambling helpline offers players free support and counselling
  • Live online chat features allow players to request confidential, free advice
  • Funding and support for intervention, counselling and psychotherapy services to help problem gamers
  • One-to-one and group workshops to help identify problem gaming behaviours and provide support

How Can I make Use of GambleAware Services?

You can find out more about all of the services which GambleAware offers by visiting their website where the charity lists details of their helpline, online chat tool and in-depth information about their research and treatments. You can also find out more about their BeGambleAware site which offers free advice, services and support to those in need. The GambleAware website has a number of resources available to find out more about seeking help and also includes a full breakdown of their strategic aims, research methodology and news. For a comprehensive look at the work that GambleAware does or for more information on how to make use of their services, visit the website today.